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Tennessee Fire Chief Saves Drowning Fawn [VIDEO]

Whether it's a cat in a tree or a drowning fawn, fire departments receive some unusual calls.

Curiosity almost killed this fawn, which wandered up onto a residential pool deck and took a swim.

Nashville Tennessee's News Channel 5 reported that residents heard a fawn bawling as it was trapped in their neighbor's pool in Mt. Julien, Tennessee. Local Fire Chief Jamie Luffman jumped in for a rescue but insisted that no photos or video be taken, because he stripped down to his underwear first.

Neighbors tried to rescue the deer with a rope before finally calling 911.

"When they don't know who to call, they call the fire department," Luffman told Channel 5.

The whole event occurred without the owners of the pool knowing about it, as they were gone for the day.

"It's a happy ending as far as I'm concerned," said the neighbor who reported the noise and ultimately saved the fawn's life.

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Tennessee Fire Chief Saves Drowning Fawn [VIDEO]