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Fire Air-Powered Arrows With the FX Verminator Air Rifle [VIDEO]

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Bring a new dimension and more fun to your small game pursuits with this arrow-shooting air gun from FX.

The FX Verminator MKII Extreme air rifle brings arrow shooting to small game hunters looking for variety in their hunting trips. The air rifle comes with a special barrel that is designed to shoot arrows.

Assembly of this rifle is quick and easy. It goes from its storage case to being fire-ready in a matter of seconds.

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The rifle is capable of firing the included carbon-fiber arrows at 280 feet per second. It may be worth a call to your state’s Division of Wildlife if you plan to purchase and hunt with this air rifle.

According to its website, here is everything FX includes with the purchase of this air rifle:

1. Quick-change barrel system
2. FX arrow barrel
3. Shrouded smooth-twist barrel (500mm)
4. Shroud extension
5. Pressure regulator
6. Four pieces of carbon-fiber arrows “Gold Tip Lazer II”
7. Hawke Crossbow Optics 3×32 MAP with quick-change system
8. FX Optics 6-18×44 SFIR with quick-change system
9. Spring-loaded magazine
10. Compact hard case

One thing is for sure: This air rifle looks like an absolute blast to shoot!

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Fire Air-Powered Arrows With the FX Verminator Air Rifle [VIDEO]