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‘Bear Man’ Goofs Around with His Friends [VIDEO]

The Bear Man has become a Finnish celeb for his work with orphaned brown bears.

Sulo Karjalainen runs the  Kuusamo Large Carnivore Centre in northern Finland, where he has a unique and especially strong bond with bears he has mostly raised since they were cubs.

Playing, bathing, and even sharing meals are commonplace at the Carnivore Centre, where Sulo and his brother currently care for six brown bears.

Barcroft TV uploaded a video showing some of the amazing interactions between the bear man and his bears, ones most people would think cross the predator/human boundary lines.

Nonetheless, Sulo says he has no plans to quit his work with the fascinating creatures anytime soon.

The best part? It has to be when one of the bears tries to lick Sulo in the ear. Now that’s a sign of a good relationship.

While brown bears are hunted in North America and elsewhere, it’s circumstances like these that adds further intrigue to the relationship between bears and humans.

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‘Bear Man’ Goofs Around with His Friends [VIDEO]