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Antlers That Glow: Finland Is Painting Deer With Reflective Paint

A Finnish wildlife organization is painting reindeer with reflective paint to reduce the number of car collisions on roadways.

Apparently, reindeer collisions are a big problem on Finland’s roads. The high concentration of reindeer in some regions of the country cause thousands of accidents and millions of Euros in damages each year. The latest preventative measure is to paint reindeer with a type of paint that reflects light from vehicle headlights.

Finnish news outlet YLE reported that the Finnish Reindeer Herders Association is testing the reflective paint on the fur and antlers of the animals to make them more visible to motorists. The tests will also determine how the reflective paint holds up in different weather conditions.

“The goal is specifically to prevent road accidents. The spray is being tried on their fur, but it is maybe more effective on their antlers because the reflection can be seen in every direction.” said Reindeer Herders’ Association Executive Director, Anne Ollila.

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Nearly 4,000 reindeer are killed in car accidents on Finnish roads each year, according to Finnish newspaper Helsingan Sanomat. The worst months of the year for reindeer collisions are November and December, when it gets dark early and the roads are icy.

 Do you think deer in the US should be painted with reflective paint? Let us know in the comments below.  

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Antlers That Glow: Finland Is Painting Deer With Reflective Paint