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Finish Your World Slam with an Ocellated Turkey from Mexico

Ocellated turkey hunting combines travel, hunting, and tropical environments. What’s not to love?

Hunters looking to complete a world slam need to harvest an Osceola, Eastern, Merriams, Rio Grande, Gould’s, and ocellated turkey.

Ocellated turkeys are found in Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala. Though they lack the swinging beards of their northern cousins, ocellateds make up for it in the spur department, often growing spurs over two inches long. Their brilliantly colored feathers are like nothing most turkey hunters have ever seen.

Follow along as Bill Cooper embarks on his first ocellated turkey hunt and see if this is something you would like to try.

As seen in the video, the main strategy for hunting ocellated turkeys is to set up an ambush on the edge of the area’s large agricultural fields. Since ocellateds are not as vocal as other subspecies, calling is hit or miss at best and the thick vegetation of the area’s they inhabit makes staking out a location in the woods a low odds proposition.

Getting to the birds can also be a hassle with firearms and ammunition, but if a hunt for these psychedelic butterballs is on your bucket list, there’s nothing stopping you from making it happen.

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Finish Your World Slam with an Ocellated Turkey from Mexico