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FindMeFish App Makes you a Fishing Bounty Hunter

Who needs trial and error? FindMeFish is the angler’s water cooler for the information age.

Most of us spend lots of time on our smartphones, either shooting fake deer in Buckhunter, or fake pigs in Angry Birds, or fake fruit in Fruit Ninja. And, lets be honest, it’s usually in the bathroom.

Well what if instead of destroying imaginary watermelons, you could actually  improve your catch rates for ACTUAL fish, or make some ACTUAL cash for your fishing prowess? While still in the bathroom?

FindMeFish has been around for about two years, and is the first digital platform for selling or buying sweet, sweet fishing hot-spot knowledge.

The system is simple: you sign up, and you can either pay for reports from other anglers (which usually run about $5 or less) of their fishing hotspots and experiences. The reports have specific GPS data to lead you to the perfect spot, date/time/weather information to help you zero in, and as impersonal as this approach can feel, it’s sure as hell cheaper than hiring a guide.

Vetting other anglers in the system is a bit of a free-for-all; every registered angler applies through their site and is vetted by their staff, has an online profile that shows their bio, fishing photos, previous reports, and ratings from other users, and contact info.

But, there’s no real guarantee for authenticity beyond those measures, so you have to use your best judgement in deciding if a report is a winner.

So, live in Guntersville, Alabama, and wanna find out the fishing spots within walking distance if your home? BAM.

Taking a trip up to Canada to make the most of Muskie Season? BOOMSHAKALAKA.

And just in case you’d like to try your luck as a hot-spot impresario first, FindMeFish is available for both iPhone and Andriod, so you can break down and use it once you’re out there. You know, if you get reception.
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However, that’s not all- and this, anglers, is the really cool part.

If you’re a hot fisherman (or fisherwoman), you can apply to be a guide. That means you can name your price, and sell your fishing reports for cold, hard cash.

Don’t want an influx of tourists pillaging your personal portal to fish Narnia? You can actually limit the number of reports for sale, and only share your secret spot with a select few.

So now your basically a fish bounty hunter. Or at least a badass fishing guide for hire, like, Crocodile Dundee for fish. Like fish Dundee. Yeah, that’s it. Fish Dundee.

What do you think of the FindMeFish App? Hot stuff, or a fishing flop? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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FindMeFish App Makes you a Fishing Bounty Hunter