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How to Find Summer Bass in an Unfamiliar Lake

How do you locate summer bass in the heat of mid-July on an unfamiliar lake? It isn’t easy, but if you’re patient you can deconstruct the lake and find fish.

Gene Jensen is fishing summer bass on Lake Palestine in Texas. It’s a new, unfamiliar lake to Jensen. Lake Palestine is a big 18 mile long and four mile wide, 25,560 acre lake, with an average depth of 16 feet and the deepest area being 50 feet.

The water temperature on the lake is 95.2 degrees. That is hot, very hot, for a bass. At that temperature the water’s ability to hold oxygen goes way down. So, bass are going to do one of three things: they’re going to go deep, they’re going to find current, or they’re going to find grass, Each of these things enhances water’s ability to hold oxygen.

Things that create current are wind, creek channels, and boat traffic. Seek out those areas that are likely to hold more oxygen.

Jensen uses his electronics to scan the water column over deep water, particularly if he hasn’t found any grass. The majority of fish will generally hold at a certain depth. Once he finds fish he then targets points, drop offs, ledges, etc. to find structure that will hold bass at that particular depth.

If fishing in the early morning, the key is to fish the shaded areas as long as possible. Bass will be in the shallows from feeding at night, and they’ll stay in the shallows so long as the sun doesn’t beat down on the area.

Jensen lands a nice bass in 17-20 feet of water, using a Carolina Rig off of a point. The fish was also off of a hard bottom. So he’s identified the structure and continues fishing the area.

He started off checking shallower points, docks, and a feeder creek with grass. Those areas didn’t really produce, so Jensen finally checked a deep point. At 14-17 feet in around 20 feet of water they finally started to catch fish.

But it wasn’t easy and it took some time before they finally hit on the location and the formula (Carolina Rig) for catching summer bass.

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How to Find Summer Bass in an Unfamiliar Lake