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Find Your Water with Redington in the Southern Appalachians

The Southern Appalachians are a fly fisherman’s dream come true. 

Redington’s “Find your Water” film series is a hit with fishermen all over the country. As you are about to see, Redington focuses on amazing fly fishing destinations as well as the fishermen who fish there. In their most recent clip, they now find themselves in North Carolina.

Blue-Lining is all about finding that hidden water that is seldom fished and even more seldom seen. It’s all about finding that lost stream that is probably going to require a lot of effort to reach. Here’s the story of this very fishery only found in the Southern Appalachians.

You can now probably see why this part of the United States is obviously a bucket list opportunity. Lucky are those that get to call this area their home waters. However, for those us who do not have these haunts in our backyards, we at least have the videos of others that do.

Redington is far from being done with this captivating film series. Hopefully, if you are like me, these clips may at least give you a little motivation to find your water somewhere near your neck of the woods that you can call your own as well.



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Find Your Water with Redington in the Southern Appalachians