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Where Schooling Bass Are Seen, Hot Action Follows

schooling bass

It's the bass angler's version of nirvana: schooling fish.

When bass are schooling, just about anyone can catch them using just about any lure. And, apparently, it can be done while wearing just about any apparel.

In all seriousness, this video illustrates just how frantic the action can get when you find a school of bass on the feed. We aren't the type to spend time on the boat taking photos, but hey, at least they catch some fish, right?

I've been fortunate to get on schools of feeding bass before. Largemouth, it seems, tend to school around baitfish and will often push that pod of bait to the surface which makes it easy to determine where the school is at. That's what's happening here in this video.

Smallmouth, on the other hand, school a bit differently. They still concentrate on bait and will often roam far and wide following the baitfish school. This happens quite a bit in the Great Lakes where you can find huge schools of smallmouth in extra-deep (think 60-80 feet) water but the bass will be suspended anywhere from 15-30 feet down.

Smallmouth will also school around cover. In Lake Erie, for example, it's not uncommon to find big schools of giant smallmouth congregated around rock piles. Those piles will also have plenty of bait to hold the fish as well.


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Where Schooling Bass Are Seen, Hot Action Follows