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This is Why Guided Hunting on Public Land is Illegal In Kansas

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Sorry folks, no more getting paid for guided hunting in Kansas. The locals have put their foot down.

During a commission meeting on June 23, the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Commission voted in a ban on all commercial guided hunting efforts on public lands. This action was first brought to the table back in March and April as the commission revoked a previous rule allowing guides to obtain free hunting permits.

According to Mike Miller, a public information officer for the KDWPT, the initial proposal came directly from local hunters who had some serious complaints that had to be considered by officials.

Mike stated, “They expressed concern that commercial guiding was interfering with their hunts…There was a long list of complaint.”

Cheyenne bottom was one area that was specifically mentioned in the local complaints. Some of the complaints expressed the concern that guides were able to obtain the best spots, and that they were profiting from the publics resources.

The president of the Kansas Outfitters Association, Keeton Kelso, has guided tours in the area for years and stated that he believes a minority of the guides were responsible for most of the complaints that came in. Kelso remains postured against the commission’s decision and is certain that other methods of action could have been taken to pacify local hunters.

Recent news from the KDWPT about the revocation that began on August 1st, 2016, essentially states that commercial guiding by hunters is not allowed on land owned or even leased by the KDWPT.

Many people were worried about how this would transfer from the hunting scene in Kansas to the fishing sector. Anglers can sleep good tonight knowing that commercial guiding of anglers on public waters is still prohibited and does not interfere with commercial guides operating on federal reservoirs.

The next commission meeting is set for August 11th.



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This is Why Guided Hunting on Public Land is Illegal In Kansas