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This is How You Find out a Striped Bass' Age and It Isn't Pretty

Learn how to determine a striped bass' age in this graphic video. Be warned!

In this graphic video, an angler dissects a striped bass to find out how old it is.

Keep in mind this video contains images that may be unstable for younger viewers. However, those wanting to know how old a striped bass is should stay tuned despite the grossness.

Warning: this video is an extraction, so it's graphic.

In case you missed it, these guys were after the otolith, the striped bass' inter ear bone, which is used to determine the age of the fish. They first had to extract it and cut it in half and polish it up to make it clear. Under a microscope they could see the rings and estimate the age, just like a tree.

In addition to the otolith, these guys got to see how a striped bass is filleted. The most important thing about proper cutting it to use a sharp knife and always cut away from yourself.

Now that you know how to age and fillet a striped bass, there's nothing keeping you from bringing home dinner and telling your family how old the fish was that you caught.


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This is How You Find out a Striped Bass' Age and It Isn't Pretty