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How to Find Nightcrawlers, at Night [VIDEO]

Find Nightcrawlers

If you are heading out to your favorite fishing hole, you may want to watch this video to find out how to find nightcrawlers tonight.

We have all fished with them, but have you ever hunted for them? Apparently, there is more to catching nightcrawlers than one might imagine.

Ivo Coia from Thundermist Lure Company shares with us that if you want to find nightcrawlers, you need to know the tricks of the trade. Check out the tips he has to find nightcrawlers the right way.

Who would have thought that so many tips and tricks could be discussed when talking about how to find nightcrawlers? But I have to say, the worms he was pulling out of the ground do seem to attest to his ability to find nightcrawlers that will catch fish.

So, tonight when you are looking for something to do, grab a flashlight and head outside to try out your new nightcrawler knowledge.

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How to Find Nightcrawlers, at Night [VIDEO]