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Find Your Next Fishing Adventure with Amberjack [PICS]

All photos via Amberjack

Are you a fisherman and not familiar with Amberjack? You should be. 

All too often we fall into our familiar ruts of annual fishing trips to the same old areas with the same old results. Every now and then there comes a time when you have to break out of the mold and try something different. That is where Amberjack comes in. If you don't know where to go or what to do when it comes to a fishing trip, Amberjack will point you in the right direction and then some.

Recently, I was able to talk with Jerome Tufte, co-founder of Amberjack, about how the site actually came to be.

"So the inspiration came from a few places. One was last summer. I was planning a road trip with my best friend from college and we wanted to try fishing in a few places," said Tufte. "We looked for outfitters in Austin and Louisiana and felt like it was so much harder to find great fishing guides than it was to buy our plane tickets, find a bnb to stay in, or look up good restaurants. We thought there should really be an easier way."

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 20.19.25

When you get down to the core of what Amberjack is about, the use of technology actually helps us get outdoors. Tufte sad it best:

We really wanted to do something to help people get outside and have organic adventures. Basically use technology to actually help them unplug.

During our conversation, a recent fishing trip that I took came to mind. I traveled to Miami on a bone fishing trip to Biscayne Bay. I spent more time trying to find where to go and what to do than than the time I probably actually spent fishing!

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 20.21.40

"I know a ton of people who want to try fishing and don't know where to start, and this seems like a cool way to help make the activity a little more approachable," said Tufte. "In today's world, you have to know how guides and charters work before you can even find them."

With Amberjack, all you need to do is say where you want to go, when, and with how many people. Amberjack then matches you with a number of outfitters and you can book your stay, find out how much it will cost, and learn more about what your package includes.

If you are looking for a fishing trip this year, you probably owe it to yourself to give Amberjack a try. At least this way, you know what you are getting before you ever leave your house.

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Find Your Next Fishing Adventure with Amberjack [PICS]