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Find What You Need During Ammo Shortages [PICS]


Ammo shortages just became easier to navigate.

Ammo shortages have become par for the course lately, especially for rimfire cartridges such as .22 LR. In addition, recent events have brought about major difficulties in locating certain makes and models of firearms over the past few years.

There are a few user-friendly web tools that can dramatically increase the odds of finding scarce supplies.

When looking for ammunition, the site to visit is called WikiArms. Want .22 LR? Here are all of the in-stock deals, ranked by cost per round, right on the home page.


Looking for a different caliber? Check out the toolbar on the left. Filter out steel case or remanufactured ammo. Even check local Wal-Mart inventories!

One may also create an account and sign up for caliber-specific alerts. Then, whenever an online retailer posts something new that matches the criteria, you’ll the user instantly receives a notification.

But be quick, since often times the ammo sells out within minutes.

When looking for a specific make and model of firearm, Gunwatcher is the first place to go. Search for the make/model and Gunwatcher returns all the results in stock within their large network of online dealers, lowest prices first.

ammo shortages

When just scouting out a deal, be sure to check SlickGuns. Setup a message board; this is a place where members post guns, ammo, and shooting supplies that are priced below market value.

Keep watching, and sooner or later a user will post something irresistable. Be sure to sign up for alerts on specific products of interest.

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With these resources you can almost always find what you are looking for. Usually for a good deal, too!

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Find What You Need During Ammo Shortages [PICS]