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Find Your Inner Fish Hunter at These 5 Spearfishing Hotspots [PICS]

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Check out some of these ideal spearfishing destinations.

If you’re looking to challenge yourself as a hunter, spearfishing is one of the most challenging ways to do it. This ancient way of hunting is drastically different from the convenience of a firearm to take down your target, and not exactly parallel with using a rod and reel, either.

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Spring is the perfect time to go spearfishing because the waters calm down and clear up. The fish aren’t on edge any more and are generally easier to catch. World record holder Cameron Kirkconnell shared some tips about places to check out this year for some ideal spearfishing experiences.

Florida Keys

Starting May 1st, grouper season collides with mahi mahi run to offer up an amazing assortment of fish in the area that are prime for spearfishing. Kirkconnell says that landing “any fish over 20-pounds is a trophy.”

spearfishing florida keys

North Carolina

North Carolina hosts a variety of fish from all over the world. Anything from a 10-pound lobster to a 40-pound African to a 100-pound amberjack can be found there and hunted in the same day according to Kirkconnell.

Palm Beach Florida


This popular destination for beach bums is also an ideal spearfishing location. It’s one of the most thrilling locations as you compete with large bull sharks for the cobia that surround them. Cobia as large as 100-pounds can be found there. Spadefish are also around, and a worthy spearfishing adversary.


California’s Kelp Forests are home to yellowtail and white seabass. El Nino last year mixed things up by bringing up tropical fish like bluefin tuna and wahoo to the waters off L.A.

New York-Rhode Island

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
New York State DEC

Just outside the Big Apple is a fantastic spearfishing location for only the bravest of divers. With the waters warming, striped bass congregate in the fast-moving waters of the northeast. 40 to 50-pound striper are commonly caught by divers in that area.

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Find Your Inner Fish Hunter at These 5 Spearfishing Hotspots [PICS]