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Best Way to Defrost Your Windshield, According to Science

We’ve all been there: late to work, hop in the car, and can’t go anywhere for five minutes because the windshield is fogged up. Here’s the fastest way to clear your view and get moving when it is -5 degrees out, according to science. 

You gotta love it when nerds geek out on things that you actually wonder about.

Mark Rober finally figures out the best, and fastest, way to defrost your windshield in the morning.

And even though he gets scientific proving his different hypotheses, the way Mark presents his findings is like talking to your nerdy smart friend.

So, a window fogs up due to condensation. Remember sixth grade science class? Yeah, me neither. But good thing Mark does.

Mark goes on to explain the effects of humidity and absorption. We want a big dry towel!

Here are his steps to defog your window faster:

  1. Turn your heater on full blast
  2. Turn your AC on (!!!)
  3. Turn OFF air circulation
  4. Crack your windows

So, I am definitely guilty of just hopping in the car and turning on the heater full blast then getting angry when the air is cold and I still can’t see out of my windshield.

Try Mark’s five-step process and see if it works for you. I guess if it doesn’t you can always try putting kitty litter in a sock and keeping it on your dash, but who wants to drive around with kitty litter in their car? You can also wipe your windshield down with shaving cream? Guess I’ve never tried that.

Mark is a smart guy with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and he worked for NASA for nine years. I guess we can probably trust him.

Try defrosting your windshield Mark’s way and let us know if it was a faster process than what you were doing before!


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Best Way to Defrost Your Windshield, According to Science