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Fillet Wars: Think You Can Fillet a Walleye in Half-a-Minute? [VIDEO]


In this round of Fillet Wars, we have two pros at filleting fish, and an electric knife versus old school blade. Who, and what blade, will win?

Excel-Outdoors has a running contest they call Fillet Wars, pitting fish cleaning speed demons against one another to see who's the fastest.

This is round IV of the current contest, and sees Reed Ylitalo of Wings and Walleyes guide service using an electric blade, going up against Aaron Murphy of Leisure Outdoor Adventures, who's using a traditional fixed blade fillet knife.

Pay attention or you'll miss it. These guys are FAST!

Reed Ylitano and his electric knife won by a hair. Murphy appeared to have the lead right up until he got hung up on removing the final slab from his second walleye. That gave Ylitano an opportunity to catch and pass the old school knife wizard.

36 seconds to fillet and skin two nice walleyes? That is mighty impressive.

Fillet Wars is also a contest created to promote Excel-Outdoors' Horizontal Cutting Board mounting system. The system is designed to make fish cleaning comfortable and adjustable, as the unit can be mounted on a boat trailer, ATV or truck.

I clean a lot of fish and a sore back is often the reward for working at an uncomfortable height, especially at camping or other makeshift cleaning stations. This rig looks looks like a great idea.

I could probably shave a little time off my own fish filleting speed, but it will still take a lot more practice to get down to 15 seconds a fish.

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Fillet Wars: Think You Can Fillet a Walleye in Half-a-Minute? [VIDEO]