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How to Fillet a Gigantic 300-Pound Halibut (and Feed a Small Army)


You’re going to need a cement mixer full of breading  and a tanker full of oil to fry up these halibut fillets. Here’s how to fillet a 300 pounder.

Watching someone who really knows what they’re doing smoothly break down an animal is always cool viewing.

This guy certainly qualifies as a skilled fish butcher, at least concerning behemoth fish like the 300 pound Alaskan halibut he breaks down in under four minutes. A sharp knife, experience, and a buddy to help lift the monstrous slabs of meat is all that’s required (and a whale of a halibut of course!).

The video comes from the facebook page of The Intrepid Angler and has received a ton of views already.

Intrepid Angler answered some questions in the comments section, including declaring that they don’t generally save any belly meat from halibut like this because the “belly meat if full of giant parasites, you don’t want that”.

They also indicate that the beast was caught using a salmon head as bait, and that they did indeed carve out the cheek meat and fried it in butter. Delish!

How much would you guess those four massive fillets weighed?



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How to Fillet a Gigantic 300-Pound Halibut (and Feed a Small Army)