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Fighting Giraffes Show They’re Not Gentle Giants After All [VIDEO]


Two fighting giraffes prove that they are not such gentle giants and can put up a good fight with the help of their necks.

When you think of giraffes, images of long-necked mammals ambling lazily in the wild come to mind, which is what many people see. However, these gentle giants are also known to get down and dirty demonstrating a different side to their somewhat mild nature.

In the following video we can see footage showing one of the world’s tallest mammals in Tanzania lean into each other and use their elongated necks and horns to fight, delivering loud smacks as they try to hurt the other, often with fatal results.


Their necks measure up to six and a half feet in length. You can see from the footage the amount of effort it takes the giraffes to swing their necks around to make contact.

These fights, however, are short-lived as the effort alone to use their necks will take up a lot of strength…either that or they’ve received slight concussion.

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Fighting Giraffes Show They’re Not Gentle Giants After All [VIDEO]