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Fight Poaching by Supporting This Anti-Poaching Documentary with Craig Boddington

Help Fight Poaching By Supporting This Anti-Poaching Documentary With Craig Boddington

Support this anti-poaching documentary and help educate potentially millions of non-hunters on how hunting benefits conservation.

Craig Boddington, along with Humanitarian Operations Protecting Elephants (HOPE), and Liberty Productions are working to distribute and promote this new anti-poaching documentary: “ANTI-POACHING: Coastal Mozambique.” This film highlights the efforts of an anti-poaching unit founded and supported by hunters which is currently fighting on the front lines of the ongoing war to conserve wildlife in Africa.

In addition to helping the anti-poaching unit disseminate effective anti-poaching tactics and techniques, it will also show tangible proof to the non-hunting community of how ethical and sustainable hunting have restored and continue to secure wildlife in the Zambezi Delta of Mozambique.

Watch the video to see a sneak preview of the anti-poaching documentary and to learn what you can do to help.

The anti-hunting community has been extremely effective in their efforts to spread misinformation about hunting. The full length anti-poaching documentary will run approximately 45 minutes and, if it is successful, could end up being a major win for conservation by showing how hunting really is conservation and by giving a voice to those on the front lines fighting poaching.

However, they need your help. The anti-poaching documentary is currently enrolled in a contest and if it wins by getting enough followers and support, it will be distributed through various cable and on-demand providers to reach potentially as many as 100 million people. Just think how beneficial an anti-poaching documentary highlighting the contributions of hunters to wildlife conservation could be in the ongoing war of public opinion being fought over the future of hunting.

What can you do to help? Visit the documentary campaign page here, click the “follow” button, and share the campaign with your friends. You can also donate money to the campaign on the same web page.

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Fight Poaching by Supporting This Anti-Poaching Documentary with Craig Boddington