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Squirrel Attacks Lounging Bull Snake [VIDEO]

This squirrel attacks a bull snake, proving it thinks it’s Rambo.

A feisty ground squirrel takes on a bull snake in Arizona, for no apparent reason.

Usually a snake would destroy a squirrel, no contest, but not this time.

The snake must have been feeling pretty lazy.

Check out this unique video.

The snake was just lounging on the chair, but the squirrel had other ideas. It was surprising to see the snake not immediately put the squirrel in its place.

The squirrel, even after the snake bit it a few times, comes back for more, just gnawing away at the bull snake’s tail.

“You can hear it like, crunching!”

The owner of the video assumed the squirrel was protecting its babies.

The snake was later removed from the residence and placed nearby in the desert. The snake slithered away, despite a few bite wounds (maybe to its ego).

The two were separated for both of their safety.

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Squirrel Attacks Lounging Bull Snake [VIDEO]