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Bull Moose Fight Escalates in a Shocking Way

Countless hunters have witnessed deer and other animals clashing antlers. Few have seen a fight turn out the way this one did.

It is common knowledge that deer of all species use their antlers for sparring and fighting during breeding seasons.

Usually these fights are short lived and rarely result in any sort of significant injury to the participants.

However, that is not always the case. For proof, consider this video.

These two bull moose, filmed on a gravel road in Maine, are shown staring each other down, rubbing hooves on the ground, and lightly hitting their impressive racks against one another. Nothing too unusual there.

It’s when one of the moose decides to bolt from the fight where this video turns shocking.

The fleeing moose loses its footing in the thick brush and the pursuing bull… well, I’ll just let the video speak for itself.

It was good to see the injured moose flee the scene at the end of the video, but it just goes to show you the power possessed by wildlife.

The sheer strength of North America’s largest deer species is certainly on clear display in this video. The stunning backdrop of fog and forest only serves to make this video even more dramatic.

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Bull Moose Fight Escalates in a Shocking Way