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Fieldsports Channel’s Top Anti-Hunting Complaints [VIDEO]


Anti-hunting proponents never miss a chance to make their uneducated and negative opinions heard on the Internet.

Anti-hunting comments are very common on YouTube videos that have anything to do with hunting or the ethical harvesting of animals around the world.

Fieldsports Channel’s videos are not immune to this trend. In fact, they average two dozen death threats a month from their more aggressive viewers. Check out this video of their top five death threats from 2014.

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It isn’t exactly clear how making death threats against hunters makes anti-hunting opinions valid, but the anti-hunting trolls of the Internet are not going anywhere anytime soon. Kudos to Fieldsports Channel for taking a light-hearted approach in responding to their naysayers.

Hearing the threats read by a child only added to the humor of this video.

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Fieldsports Channel’s Top Anti-Hunting Complaints [VIDEO]