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Field Trip Jerky is Doing Something Different, Finally, with Your Favorite Snack

Find out why Field Trip Jerky might be your new go-to for the outdoorsman’s favorite snack.

Quick, what’s the best thing you can possibly think of for snacking on while you’re sitting in a deer stand, boating to the next bass hot spot, or throwing in a pack for a backcountry trip? If you said anything other than jerky, you’re not thinking straight.

But there’s a recent surge in gourmet, wildly-flavored and exotic jerky that’s taken the market by storm. If you’re a purist, maybe even someone who makes your own jerky out of venison or what have you, then those probably aren’t for you.

And the gas station special probably isn’t for you either. You’re looking for something natural, classic, and still withholding the protein-rich purpose of jerky, what put it on the culinary map in the first place.

Just as the larger jerky market began to take hold, Field Trip Jerky was born, created by three friends who wanted to build a meaningful jerky business that would produce all-natural, authentic beef and other jerky. Lo and behold, what started in a home dehydrator has turned into Field Trip Jerky, quite possibly the best bag off jerky you haven’t heard of.

With anything food-related, you can’t really convey to someone what it tastes like as well as actually eating some of the stuff, and it’s sometimes silly to even try. You’ll know it when you try it, they say.

Their flavors (all labeled with a recipe number, letting you know they tried and tried again until they got things right) include things like Honey Spice no. 11 and Teriyaki no. 23, with four varieties of beef and two turkey. The Cracked Pepper no. 7 Turkey Jerky is our particular favorite.

But here’s the kicker. No MSG, preservatives, corn syrup, or gluten. Going gluten free with beef jerky doesn’t sound all that new, but for years brands used soy and other wheat-based products. Field Trip has done away with all the things that made jerky not so good.

It’s worth keeping an eye out for Field Trip, because you probably won’t stray too far away once you try it.



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Field Trip Jerky is Doing Something Different, Finally, with Your Favorite Snack