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How to Field Dress a Moose By Yourself [VIDEO]

A master moose hunter shows you how to field dress a moose by yourself in these two videos.

After you’ve killed the moose, the real hard work begins. Moose may seem like they’re too big for one person to clean, debone and pack out of the field, but with the right techniques, one person can get the job done.

In this clip from Team Wild TV, moose guide Donnie Benoite of Ironbound Outfitters teaches you how to efficiently field dress a moose by yourself.

Remember, removing the guts and keeping the carcass cool are the most important steps after you’ve killed the animal

With the carcass gutted and cleaned, cover it up with a tarp so that other animals can’t get to the meat.

Now you’re ready to debone and quarter the moose.

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In part two,  Benoite shows you how to remove unnecessary bone weight from the carcass and extract meat from the shoulder, ribs and back strap.

As you can see, it’s a big job, but one hunter can field a moose and pack it out of the backcountry.

Do you have any helpful tips on how to field dress a moose? Share them in the comments section. 

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How to Field Dress a Moose By Yourself [VIDEO]