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Fetch Harness Gives Your GoPro a Dog’s Point of View [VIDEO]

The life of a dog is an interesting one. Make sure to watch it from the dog’s point of view.

Fetch by GoPro is a harness that can be mounted to your dog. It comes with two camera points: one on the chest of the dog and one on the back of the dog.

As you can see, it is easy to put on a dog. With just a few quick clips and a couple of tugs, your dog is ready to film his adventure.

When you attach the GoPro be sure to push the camera mount in far enough to clip it in. If it doesn’t click then you run the risk of losing your GoPro.

What could this be used for in the hunting world? Many hunters run deer dogs, bird dogs, rabbit dogs, and track dogs.

The harness can be attached to all and it can add a whole new perspective to your hunting videos. Also, they are great just for curious minds.

You can see what your dog does while hunting and can even work on things with your dog. This is a great camera point of view and should be utilized more.

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Fetch Harness Gives Your GoPro a Dog’s Point of View [VIDEO]