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Feral Pig Hunting Takes To The Skies

Hog Central Louisiana, a feral pig extermination outfit, is using aerial drones equipped with an infrared camera to help hunters reduce burgeoning feral hog populations in the state of Louisiana, according to a recent article in the Economist.

Feral pigs are a growing problem throughout the US, but especially Southern states such as Texas and Louisiana.

The outfit’s drone, dubbed the “Dehogaflier,” searches for the body heat signatures of feral pigs from a height of 400 feet, and relays video feed back to the hunters on the ground. The hunters, who use night vision goggles and AR-15 rifles, are able to easily spot and shoot the pigs.

Drones and AR-15’s are tools that are contested among local, state and federal governments, as well as gun control advocates; however, they are proving to be effective in hunting feral pigs.  In a six-month period, Hog Central Louisiana has killed 300 pigs.

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But the days when feral pig populations are reduced to a reasonable level is a long ways away. The estimated 6 million feral pigs in the US have caused approximately $1.5 billion in damage to crops and land throughout the country, according to a recent article on More than one-third of the total feral pig population is in Texas.

The reported number of pig kills is in the hundreds of thousands, but that has done little to reduce the rapidly growing population. As a result, state and federal governments have allowed feral pig hunting year round to hunters.

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Feral Pig Hunting Takes To The Skies