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Feral Hogs Targeted in Thermal Tannerite Explosion [VIDEO]

Feral Hogs Targeted In Thermal Tannerite Explosion

You’ve seen Tannerite videos, but not like this. Watch this guy touch off a thermal Tannerite explosion to take out a group of feral hogs in one fell swoop.

I’m sure you’ve seen videos of Tannerite explosions and maybe even some videos of feral hogs getting blown up by Tannerite explosions.

However, I can virtually guarantee that you’ve never seen a thermal Tannerite explosion blowing up a group of feral hogs at night before.

Watch the video below to see how effective it was.

Warning: This video contains some foul language.

While it looked awesome, I must say that I’m a little disappointed with the results of the thermal Tannerite explosion. Maybe the hogs weren’t close enough to it (or they weren’t using enough Tannerite) for it to reach its full potential on hogs.

This was a cool video, but I would say that the guys at Double G Hog Control are better shots. Take a look at both videos and tell me who you think is better.

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Feral Hogs Targeted in Thermal Tannerite Explosion [VIDEO]