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Feral Hogs Spreading Possible Viruses Across Arkansas [VIDEO]

Feral hogs strike again.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is facing a dilemma, feral hogs in southeast Arkansas are a nuisance. Two main diseases infect these wild hogs and are popping up in the population, brusolosis and pseudo-rabies.

“They are an ecological problem,” said commission member Kevin Lynch. “They cause billions of dollars in agriculture damage across the nation.”

“If you see one, we would like for you to kill one,” Lynch said. “We don’t promote the hunting aspect, but if you have the opportunity while deer hunting with a firearm, go ahead and take it.”

The hog population continues to explode across the southeast and is slowly leaking into other areas. Once released, they are nearly impossible to contain. Farmers, ranchers, and hunters alike often find a distaste for the feral hog.

They are destructive creatures that often kill other wildlife, consume eggs, destroy crops, and transmit disease. For those states dealing with the problem, it’s something that can only hoped to be contained rather than eradicated. Comparable to the coyote population and problem in many areas, it’s something that will have to be dealt with my agencies and landowners alike.

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Feral Hogs Spreading Possible Viruses Across Arkansas [VIDEO]