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Feral Hogs Causing Major Issues in South Carolina [VIDEO]

Feral hogs are wreaking havoc on farms and threatened wildlife in South Carolina. 

The wild hog population is exponentially growing and the damage they cause is getting out of hand.

Farmers in South Carolina are feeling the hog effect as much of their crops have been rooted out by feral swine. Hogs are also causing ecological disaster by rooting up nesting loggerhead sea turtles, which are a threatened species, and eating the eggs before they even hatch.

One of the most effective ways to eradicate feral swine is by helicopter.

Wild hogs are causing 1.5 billion dollars of damage across the nation and populations are rising.

Population increase is believed to be from trapping the hogs and simply moving them, rather than getting rid of them completely. They are also very prolific and hardy animals. They reproduce twice a year, can swim, and can basically live anywhere.

Wildlife services across the nation need to find more ways to reduce wild swine populations.

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Feral Hogs Causing Major Issues in South Carolina [VIDEO]