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Feral Hogs Are Still a Big Problem, and Here's Your Proof

Feral hogs are a growing problem, and this infographic shows how.

If you're not familiar with feral hogs, then you might not know about their infamy. You may not know that they destroy farmland and harass other wildlife, and that they can double their population size in a mere four months.

You may not even be aware, but feral hogs are so prevalent that they star in their own reality television show on A&E called "American Hoggers." That's right, the same network that brings you the Robertson family shenanigans on "Duck Dynasty" highlights some others that have devoted their lives to solving the feral hog problem in the United States, and in most cases turned it into a rather lucrative lifestyle.

Thankfully for you, the folks behind "American Hoggers" created an infographic to put the hog problem in perspective, and raise some awareness amongst those who just don't see these animals in the wild (and could serve as potential TV show viewers).

So check out this infographic from and check out the show, if you're so inclined.

Click the image for a larger, zoomable version.



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Feral Hogs Are Still a Big Problem, and Here's Your Proof