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This Is Feral Cattle Hunting in Hawaii

Feral Cattle Hunting In Hawaii

You may not have known it, but feral cattle hunting is a big deal in Hawaii. Don’t laugh: these are truly wild animals, and feral cattle hunting is harder than it sounds.

Cattle were introduced to Hawaii in the 1800s and the state has a thriving population of feral cattle that escaped from cattle ranches into the wild. Due to the damage that they are causing to the native ecosystem in Hawaii, there is no closed season or bag limits that restrict feral cattle hunting in the state.

Get the preconceived notions that you have about feral cattle being the same as domestic cows out of your head, because feral cattle in Hawaii are extremely large and tough wild animals that are much more difficult to hunt than you would initially think.

Though Hawaii is not usually considered a prime destination for hunters, there are actually some pretty good hunting opportunities in the state. In addition to feral cattle hunting, you may also hunt feral goats, feral hogs, mouflon sheep, Axis Deer, and blacktail deer in Hawaii.

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This Is Feral Cattle Hunting in Hawaii