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This is Why Feral Cats Are the Ultimate Predators

There are deadly predators that roam your backyard: feral cats.

Their blood lust is only fulfilled by the continuous killing for sport of any animal they can.

Watch this video and see that this feral cat is so good, it can even catch fish.

So that cute neighborhood cat is not what you would believe to be a deadly predator. Well, it certainly is. This cat can even catch fish with ease.

Feral cats are responsible for large amounts of song birds and small game meeting their demise. Many of these cats kill only for sport since they are fed from neighborhood homes. These cats have all the time in the world to wait for a kill on any small creature that moves just to pass the time.

Before you feed feral cats, take a moment and realize these invasive species are doing more harm than good to our wildlife.



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This is Why Feral Cats Are the Ultimate Predators