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Austin DIY Butcher Shop Adds Hunting Excursions to Menu

An Austin, Texas based DIY butcher shop has added guided hunting to the menu for the food-conscious who want to see their meals all the way through.

Central Texans, specifically those living in Austin, are becoming more and more conscious of how their food is sourced, and the steps it goes through before it reaches the table. Local Do-It-Yourself butcher shop Feral has added hunting to the menu in a response to this desire.

The Feral website emphasizes a mission to "provide resources and education so that people can be as connected to their food as possible."

Guided three-day, two-night feral pig or deer hunts at the famous Bar W Ranch outside of Bandera, Texas are now available for Feral's customers. After the hunter has harvested their pig or doe on the first two days of the trip , a return trip is made to Austin on the Sunday following where the meat is then butchered -- with or without instruction -- at Feral's space in South Austin.

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The total package hunting/butchering comes with a hefty price tag of $750, but one certainly isn't out of the reach of those with the expendable income available to do something out of the ordinary. In Austin, mind you, there's no shortage of people with expendable income.

For those who want to know everywhere their meals have been, no cost is too high. Feral is capitalizing on a new niche that could quickly become a trend.

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Austin DIY Butcher Shop Adds Hunting Excursions to Menu