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Female Shooter's Broken Leg Doesn’t Stop Her from Finishing Safely

broken leg
Facebook/Jessica Nietzel

A painful broken leg during a shooting competition did not stop this female shooter from finishing her run and doing it safely.

There is no two ways about: breaking any bone is a very painful injury, but a random broken leg while running might be one of the worst.

That type of pain can be enough to cause a person to forget where they are and what they were doing right before the break. Even if what they were doing was potentially dangerous.

However, that was not true for competitive shooter Jessica Nietzel in a recent shooting competition. During the pistol stage of one of her runs, Nietzel was sprinting back to the other side of the course when she took one bad step and suffered a spiral fracture of her fibula.

A spiral fracture, also known as a torsion fracture, occurs when torque is applied along the axis of a bone. They often occur when one extremity is planted and the body is in motion.

Despite the immense pain that Nietzel was undoubtedly in, she still managed to exhibit great gun control and safety. She even dealt with the pain long enough to finish shooting the final few targets to finish her run. This video and these pictures are a great example for all shooters to take after.

It is easy to tell that Nietzel is a disciplined, and tough, shooter. She even maintained her trigger finger position in the safe position during her fall and injury.

broken leg
Facebook/Jessica Nietzel

According to the comments section on her video, Nietzel said that the accident happened very fast and that she didn't have much time to think about it before finishing her stage. That really shows just what a dedicated and skilled shooter she is. She relied on her shooting instincts to ensure the safety of those around her while dealing with a lot of pain.

It sounds like Nietzel is healing comfortably and is already planning on attending more competitions as soon as she is healed up enough. We wish you a speedy recovery and great luck at your future competitions, Jessica!


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Female Shooter's Broken Leg Doesn’t Stop Her from Finishing Safely