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Female Shooters Break Records at NRA High Power Silhouette Championship [PICS]

All photos via Accurate Shooter

Female shooters have broken new records at the NRA High Power Hunter Rifle Silhouette Nationals in Ridgway, Pennsylvania this year.

Cathy Winstead-Severin is no stranger to the first-place podium.

She has maintained an impressive winning streak in 2015 so far: after taking the top spot in the Conard Bernhardt Cup Championship in April, the Iron Man Match in June, and the High Power Smallbore Rifle Championship in July, she won the shoot-off in the High Power Silhouette Championship, against Mark Pharr.

She finished the 120-shot match with a score of 97, smashing the existing record of 90. As part of Team Lapua, she also broke another national record with team members Mark Pharr and Mallory Nichols, with a combined score of 295.

Accurate Shooter

Winstead-Severin's team member Mallory Nichols also broke two records this year. The 16-year-old set new records for Long Run for Women and Intermediate-Junior. She also shot a score two grades above the grade she entered the competition in, finishing in fourth place in the Hunter Rifle match.


Rifle silhouette is one of the most challenging disciplines in rifle shooting. The match is shot standing with no support, sling, gloves or shooting jacket. High power rifle silhouette is shot at distances out to 500 meters.

Smallbore rifle silhouette is shot out to only 100 meters, but the targets are a fifth the scale of the high power targets. Shooters must be able to read the wind correctly, as a projectile can be blown up to two feet off course by a 10 mile per hour crosswind at 500 meters.

All photos via Accurate Shooter.

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Female Shooters Break Records at NRA High Power Silhouette Championship [PICS]