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The Female Hunter’s Wish List

It's that time of year again! Make this holiday season special by finding the items sure to be on every female hunter's wish list.

Under Armour

Keep her warm and cozy with gear from every hunter's best friend, Under Armour. From leggings to hoodies, jackets to hats, boots to gloves, Under Armour has everything she needs to stay stylish and toasty on her next hunt.

UA hoodiePhoto via Under Armour

Trail Camera

While she's in bed dreaming of sugar plums, her game won't be. Help her to keep track of their movements with a brand new trail camera.

trail-camPhoto via Eagle Optics

Water Heater

She will truly thank you for one of these! After all, nobody enjoys cold showers after a long day of sitting in a deer stand or stalking through the brush. Let her take the luxury of a warm shower with her wherever the hunt takes her.

water heaterPhoto via

Portable Grill

Who says the great outdoors automatically require roughing it? Everyone likes to wake up with a hot breakfast. Give her just that with a portable gas oven. Wherever she goes, she can take the comforts of home.

portable grillPhoto via


Killing her game is only half the job. Give her the means to skin and prepare it with a new hunting knife. Available in dozens of variations, each of these is sure to put a twinkle in her eye. If you're looking for the perfect stocking stuffer, consider the key knife or a pocketknife. Compact and versatile, she'll be able to use it not just for hunting but for everyday needs.

knifePhoto via Sportsman's Guide

Meat Tenderizer

Help her to turn the meat she's just brought home with a brand new meat tenderizer! Sure to set her mouth watering with the promise of melt in your mouth, steaks.

meat tenderPhoto via Sportsman's Guide

Swivel Lift System

Save her some of the pain of bringing a kill home with a swivel lift system. Next time she has a good hunt, she won't have to break her back hauling the carcass home when she has this device to ease the load.

swivelPhoto via Sportsman's Guide


Hit the target this Christmas by stuffing the stocking of the archer in your life with a new set of arrows. Everyone loses arrows from time to time, so bring the holiday cheer by refilling her quiver!

arrowsPhoto via Sportsman's Guide

Pop-up Ground Blind

Help her to stay dry and concealed next time she goes hunting with a pop-up ground blind. Lightweight and compact, it's great for both the stocking and as a gift under the tree.

ground blindPhoto via Sportsman's Guide

Hunting Pack

Why box up your Christmas gift this year? Bows and wrapping paper are nice enough, but there's another way to catch the heart of a hunter. Show her you mean business by packaging her presents in a heavy duty pack that she can then use! She's sure to light up as soon as she sees that camo bag under the tree long before she ever opens it.

hunting packPhoto via

Lighting Gear

Better than the twinkling lights on a Christmas tree, a headlamp or flashlight will be just the thing to light her way on those late-night hunts.

lighting gearPhoto via

Scent Control

All that gingerbread and peppermint is sure to leave its mark. If you're looking for a nice stocking stuffer, nothing will be more welcome than some good old fashioned scent control. Help her mask the smell of her Christmas feast and get her back outdoors with the many variations of scent control available.

scent controlPhoto via


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