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Female Hunter Faces Online Harassment When Trophy Photo Goes Viral [VIDEO]

It's unfortunate when a hunter faces online harassment, like this Colorado woman did a year after her trophy photo was posted on Facebook.

The Denver news station CBS 4 reported on the cruel, hateful, and at times terrifying messages sent via online social media outlets and message boards towards the hunter, who is speaking out against her

Charisa Argys has hunted almost her entire life. It's a family tradition, and one of her favorite pastimes. But, when a photo of her holding up a mountain lion she killed legally was posted to anti-huting social media groups, the firestorm of comments came down.

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Allegedly the cyber bullying reached extreme levels, when Charisa's full name, address and phone number were posted.

Here is a tame sampling of the comments:

"Let's hunt her!"

"This ugly woman is an embarrassment and shame to all women around the world;"

"I hope she knows how much she's hated. Male or female, I hope they all suffer horrible hunting accidents."


In an average year, 13.7 million hunters participate in the sport, and 11% of them are female. Emerging female demographic markets in the outdoor gear industry are beginning to have large impacts. Still, for some reason, sportswomen who proudly display their hunting heritage are receiving more than their share of flak from anti-hunting groups.

If online commenters knew the full story, especially that Argys was hunting in a place where game management maintains the number of mountain lions, they may not have been so quick to spew their messages. If they knew how important hunting is to wildlife conservation efforts, they may have thought twice.

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Unfortunately for Argys and plenty of other hunters who share their experiences publically, they didn't.

What do you think about the emerging trend of cyber bullying female hunters?

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Female Hunter Faces Online Harassment When Trophy Photo Goes Viral [VIDEO]