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Female Bow Hunter Tags Elk [VIDEO]

This female bow hunter knows what’s she doing as she takes down a huge screaming bull elk.

In this video, Annetta, a female bow hunter, has a bull elk get close while he’s chasing two cows. She waits for just the right moment to draw and shoot. The massive elk falls, but not before walking and stopping only four yards in front of her.

Annetta got a nice six by seven and an experience she’ll never forget.

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Annetta and Bob Daugherty work together to bring down this bull elk. After the hunt, Realtree Outdoors give three hints to help make your hunt a  successful one.

  1. Wait for the right moment before drawing back the bow. It has to be the proper time, not too early and not too late.
  2. Elk hunting as a team improves success rate drastically. Have the bow hunter stand in front of the caller. This is more likely to get the archer a clear and close opportunity to shoot.
  3. If the bull spooks, draw instantly. He’ll normally stop within 15 to 30 yards and turn broadside to see what spooked him. This gives the bow hunter about five seconds to get ready to shoot.

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Female Bow Hunter Tags Elk [VIDEO]