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Feeding Dolphins Snack on Salmon by Playing with Their Food [PICS]


Like humans might flip popcorn into their mouths, dolphins flip whole salmon into theirs.

Wildlife photographer Daniel Trim captured a group of dolphins feeding on salmon in an inlet of the North Sea off the coast of Scotland.


The inlet where the bottlenose dolphins were feeding is called the Moray Firth. It’s located in the northeast of Scotland.

Bottlenose-dolphin (1)

Trim said, “In my pictures you can really make out the salmon the dolphin is eating.”

Bottlenose-dolphin (2)

Trim also noted one image of the seagull hovering above one feeding dolphin, saying, “It was a joy to watch.”

One can’t help but think that the seagull is hoping for a table scrap of sorts.

Bottlenose-dolphin (3)

Apparently bottlenose dolphins are regular inhabitants of the inlet, but the salmon run increases the chance of sighting the marine mammals.

Bottlenose-dolphin (4)

As the salmon return to the Ness and Beauly rivers feeding the inlet, the dolphins take advantage of the annual buffet they provide.

Bottlenose-dolphin (6)

It must be a fantastic sight to see dolphins flipping whole salmon into the air and catching them with such precision and gusto.

All images courtesy of the Mirror and Daniel Trim.

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Feeding Dolphins Snack on Salmon by Playing with Their Food [PICS]