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Feds Looking into Video of Montana Grizzly Harassed by Truck

This Montana grizzly sure didn't deserve what you are about to see.

Social media has produced just about all the evidence that federal authorities and the Blackfeet Tribe need to pursue charges against the two individuals in the below video.

Considering this Montana grizzly is a threatened species, what was caught on video is harassment. Luckily for the bear, the men in question posted the video to their Facebook page.

Caution: There is strong language in this video

Shortly after this video was published, the men in question removed the video, but it had already spread far and wide and caught the eyes of authorities.

According to sources, the reason the bear was being chased in the video was due to it getting within 100 yards from livestock that the two men were watching at the time. As they said, they did not intend to harm the bear, only chase it away.

What do you think? Was this actual harassment of a threatened animal or were the men in question simply just trying to scare it away from livestock as they report?

The truth will come out in time, we are sure.


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Feds Looking into Video of Montana Grizzly Harassed by Truck