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Cool Things in Small Packages: New Federal Shorty Shotshells

Federal Shorty Shotshells

Federal Premium took an inch off the standard 12-gauge shell to give shooters a different experience.

Sometimes less is more. This notion applies to most facets of life, but also to firearms and ammunition.

For this reason, Federal Ammunition decided to produce a new 1 3/4-inch shotgun shell that could perform similarly to a 2 3/4-inch shell.

The shells come in three varieties, including 8 shot, 4 buckshot and 1-ounce rifled slug loads.

Federal Shorty Shotshell

These shells offer shooters something different at the range, as well as a new approach to personal defense.

Federal Shorty Shotshell

The Shorty 12-gauge shotshells will be one of Federal's highlighted products at SHOT Show 2019, so more information is sure to come. Right now, however, this is what the MSRP pricing looks like for each 10-count box:

  • 8-Shot Shorty Shotshells: $5.95
    • 1-3/4-inch, 15/16-ounce shell, 1145 fps
  • 4 Buck Shorty Shotshell: $11.95
    • 1-3/4-inch, 15-pellet shell, 1200 fps
  • Rifled Slug Shorty ShotShell: $11.95
    • 1-ounce rifled slug, 1200 fps

Whether you need a some new shells for self-defense or you just want to go target shooting with something different, the Federal Premium Shorty shotshells could certainly add a new element to your favorite Remington or Winchester shotgun.



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Cool Things in Small Packages: New Federal Shorty Shotshells