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Federal Agency Will Review North Carolina Red Wolf Program

An agency has determined it will review the North Carolina Red Wolf Program.

The Charlotte Observer reports that the US Fish and Wildlife Service will review the 27-year program meant to protect the endangered red wolf in North Carolina.

The decision comes on the heels of a recent case of landowner rights and environmental protection spurned by Jett Ferebee, who owns a farm near the Alligator River, not far from the lands used as a refuge area for red wolves.

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You can learn more about Ferebee's firsthand experience in his piece published on

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has been stuck in the middle, and is now asking the federal agency to "determine the appropriateness of continuing the experimental (wolf) program."

The issue involves the refuge land along with the fact that the wolves aren't capable of knowing where the boundaries are. Red wolves, coyotes, and even hybrids of the two that have shown up on Ferebee and other landowner's property are wreaking havoc on game animals and livestock, but a recent possibility of a coyote hunting ban interfered with their abilities to protect their property.

Though red wolves have been saved from extinction, thanks likely in part to the program, the issues run deeper.

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The visual similarities between red wolves and coyotes are strong, and yet gunshot deaths are blamed for some of the lost red wolves over the past 20-plus years.

The North Carolina Farm Bureau and North Carolina Sportsman's Caucus have joined the Wildlife Resources Commission in requesting the review.

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Federal Agency Will Review North Carolina Red Wolf Program