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Feather-Raft Promises to Change the Way You Fish [VIDEO]

This is one water vessel you will have to see for yourself.

Six years in the making, The Feather-Raft promises to change the way you fish (and hunt, and bowfish, and relax, and…)!

Elias Ruiz may seem like an ordinary fellow at first glance. He served in the U.S. Navy, teaches middle school students, and loves all things outdoors. One big difference between Elias and the average man is that he refuses to settle for “pretty good.” He is passionate about pushing the limits and creating a perfect product.

His patent-pending creation, Feather-Raft, is one of the lightest, most innovative rafts to hit the market in a long while. One of the biggest trademarks of this product, as the name suggests, is its weight (or rather lack thereof). Although incredibly light (50-60 pounds), it is able to support multiple passengers without compromising durability. Furthermore, the raft is designed with the sportsman in mind.

You really do need to witness this for yourself.

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Here’s what Elias has to say:

“Compared to a kayak or canoe, the Feather-Raft is very light, stable, and buoyant. I stand on my raft most of the time since I have a difficult time sitting for long periods of time. With the standard Feather-Raft, you will have about 32 square ft of surface area to carry your gear (fishing poles, firearms, archery equipment, ice chest….). There are four fishing pole holder receivers, four rope cleats, and a safety line with a quick tightener to secure your seat/s to the raft. The standard size Feather-Raft is 4ft x 8ft x 6in. Optional items include an eight-foot paddle, a padded swivel seat bucket, and a removable or built-in transom.”

With lots of cool features, one of the coolest may be the expandability. With Feather-Raft, owners have the ability to connect multiple rafts together. This increases surface area as well as stability on the water.

If you’re on board with Elias and love this product be sure to click over to the Feather-Raft Kickstarter campaign. You’ll like what you see and have an opportunity to get in on the goods early.

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Feather-Raft Promises to Change the Way You Fish [VIDEO]