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Feast Your Eyes on This Freakishly-Fat 8.15-Pound Smallmouth Bass

8.15 pound smallmouth bass
Patrick Hildenbrand/Instagram

Talk about a beast of a smallmouth bass! Patrick Hildenbrand lands a football-shaped fish that tips the scales at 8.15 pounds.

Patrick Hildenbrand hooked into a smallmouth bass the weekend of August 27 that has the angling world abuzz. Fishing a state federation tournament on the St. Lawrence River off the 1000 Islands in NY, Hildenbrand brought to the scales a freakishly-fat smallmouth bass that weighed a monstrous 8.15 pounds.

Caught working a dropshot in 35 feet of water, the beast of a fish measured 21 1/2 inches with a girth of 20 3/4 inches. Yes, you read those measurements right!

Hildenbrand posted the following images to his Instagram account:

Check out the difference when compared to a fish of nearly 5 pounds in weight.

The behemoth of a bass was the first fish of the day that Hildenbrand landed and was released unharmed and in good shape after being weighed in.

With gobies being a predominant prey specie in the St. Lawrence, it makes you wonder if this girl was simply fattening up early in preparation for the coming fall season. Whatever the case, a girth as pronounced as this is rarely seen outside of the spawn or late in the season.

Hildenbrand ultimately ended up placing second in the tournament. It's no surprise his trophy fish won the lunker award for biggest bass.

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Feast Your Eyes on This Freakishly-Fat 8.15-Pound Smallmouth Bass