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FBI Agent Accidentally Shoots Bystander After Backflip in Denver Bar

FBI Agent Shoots Bystander
YouTube: Guardian News

What happens when this FBI agent breaks the moves with a backflip?

Unfortunately, his gun fell out of his waistband and when he bent to pick it up, the gun fired and a bullet struck a bystander in the leg.

Here's footage of the incident, one that put this FBI agent in serious hot water.

Watch the video below:

Imagine this scene. A man is dancing in the middle of a dance floor and does a back flip. His pistol falls to the ground. As he picks up the pistol he fires off a shot. The discharge hits a bystander in the leg.

What is even more troubling is that it is an FBI agent who made this completely irresponsible negligent gun discharge a reality.

No charges have been filed, and Denver police say the victim recovered. The officer was not arrested and not identified. The accidental shooting happened at the Mile High Spirits bar and live music venue.

It's not clear whether or not the agent had been drinking, which is another reason not much information has been released. Authorities intend to examine lab results to see if alcohol was a factor.

Bottom line, this FBI agent should know better, and he should seriously look at another holster option. Oh, and he should probably avoid back flips when carrying a pistol, on duty or off.

That is, of course, if he ever is allowed to work in law enforcement again.

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FBI Agent Accidentally Shoots Bystander After Backflip in Denver Bar