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Fawn Rescued from Water and Reunited with Mother

This fawn was saved from water pit and quickly reunited with mother. 

Tis the season of warm weather and newborn fawns. However, spunky fawns often find themselves in sticky situations and vulnerable to predators and fluke accidents. This is what happened when I headed home from work this week.

I come from a family of deer farming, and one of the most exciting parts of the raising deer is the newborn fawns.

I heard a faint fawn bleat in the distance, and was eager to make sure it was healthy and doing well, but excitement shortly turned into nervousness when I couldn’t locate the fawn. Where in the world could it be?

Well leave it to this fawn to somehow find it’s way into a cement pit in front of our barn that was covered. Watch the event unfold in this fawn rescue from a pit of water.

This was a first in all the years of raising deer that a fawn ended up in that location.
Thankfully the fawn still fine and plenty spunky. The fawn was under 24 hours old and was already getting into trouble.

It is completely reunited with the mother doe and doing well.

Fawn 2016 copy

Remember that it’s best to leave a fawn alone, but if it’s in serious trouble humans can intervene. The mother will take back the fawn even if it’s been touched by people.



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Fawn Rescued from Water and Reunited with Mother