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My Favorite New Hunting and Fishing Tools for the Rest of 2014

These new hunting and fishing tools have made my summer, and I'm hoping will make my fall even better.

So far 2014 has been a great summer of fishing. If I can put my finger on it, there were two new fishing tools that have made my fishing more productive this year than in years past.

If luck is on my side, two new products in my gear bag for deer season will bring just as much luck this fall than any I've had in that past when it comes to chasing deer.

The first new tool that I have found has been my Tenkara rod from Tenkara USA. These rods are simply fly rods with no reels. The line is attached to the tip of the rod, making fly fishing extremely easy.

My wife has caught fish with it, as well as a few friends of mine who couldn't fly fish with a traditional rod if their life depended on it. I've caught browns and rainbows in West Virginia using my tenkara rod, as well as bass and bluegill here in Indiana.

I highly recommend checking out these rods and the company for an easy take on a method of fishing that is traditionally frustrating to master.

The next new tool is actually a lure. I've been fishing with these spinnerbaits and buzzbaits from Throw'N Thunder all summer, and can easily say these baits flat out catch bass.

They are made of titanium and allow for more flexibility in the water. They're also able to be bent back into shape after bass whack them again and again.

Throw'N Thunder offers a 4 blade style spinnerbait that is actually the lure featured in their logo. I've especially been able to find success with these lures in more heavily fished areas, where bass have seen every other lure on the market... except these.

thrownthunTheir more traditional spinnerbaits are very effective as well. Fish after fish, they stand up and keep coming back for more. This particular spinnerbait pictured below caught 12 bass one recent morning, and it's still going strong. How many other spinnerbaits that you own can say that?

Now for the upcoming fall hunting season, I'm very excited about this next new tool. Time and time again, no matter what cover spray I'm using, I find that I still get busted when a deer is downwind. I do everything I can to control my own scent, but as we all know, a deer's nose is just stupid good.

Bucked Scent Eliminator is a new product on the market that is specially formulated to not allow scent to form in the first place. It literally disallows odor on the human body and clothes.

This will be the only scent spray that I use this season simply for the reason that for the first time, I will actually be scent-free, not just masking my odor or trying to overpower my scent with another scent. I'm very excited about this and would encourage you to do your own research and find out for yourself why this might be the last scent spray you will ever buy.

Finally, with hunting season just around the corner and those vocal bucks of early rut just waiting to talk, I will be talking back with a Beaver Creek Game Call. Just like with Bucked Scent Eliminator, these game calls will be the only calls I use during deer season and when out hunting coyotes over the winter. Each one is handmade and hand tuned before they are mailed out to customers.

I used the Cork Dog wounded rabbit predator call over this past winter, and was happy with the sound and quality of the call. The buck grunt calls are truly individuals, just like how bucks are in nature, so no two sound alike. As you are getting ready for early bow season, you may want to throw one of these calls in your bag as well. You will be happy you did.

So what do you think? What new tools did you discover this year that made your fishing more effective? What new tools are you waiting to deploy during deer season or other hunting seasons coming up?

Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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My Favorite New Hunting and Fishing Tools for the Rest of 2014