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Our Favorite Hunting and Fishing Videos of 2013

In 2013, we found a ton of great video moments captured on film, and shared them with you, our readers. Here’s a roundup of our favorite hunting and fishing videos from the past year.

Adorable Seal Jumps Into Boat

This video comes out of New England, where a group of sea duck hunters were out on the water enjoying their day. A seal jumped into their boat, and they broke out the camera. [WARNING: Some strong language in video]

How To Skin A Deer In Under Two Minutes

Seriously, can anyone rival this guy’s skinning skills? We doubt it. If you think you can beat it, we dare you to send us a video…

Angler Catches Huge Fish Without Fishing Pole

Who needs a pole? Some line, a hook and a good piece of bait is all this guy needed, plus his bare hands, of course.

Is This The World’s Fastest Archer?

Lars Anderson, a Danish artist and writer, may very well be the world’s fastest archer. Don’t believe us? Check this out.

Sewer Fishing

It’s the latest craze sweeping suburbia: sewer fishing! You’ll never look at a manhole the same way again.

Bear Climbs Tree Next To Hunter

An in-house favorite, this video of a bear climbing into a tree that held a hunter and his stand is simply incredible. [WARNING: Some strong language in video]

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Our Favorite Hunting and Fishing Videos of 2013