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Gun Review: Fausti USA Dea Shotgun

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Fausti has created a winner with its Dea line of shotguns.

The Fausti Dea side by side shotguns are excellent, high-quality shotguns from Italy. Our test gun was a 410 bore shotgun that weighed in at 5 pounds, 3 ounces. The gun balanced just in front of the hingepin.

This slim true-to-gauge framed gun is a boxlock with ejectors that is nicely engraved with scroll and flora and finished with color case hardening. The wood is described by Fausti as AAA walnut with an oil finish.

While the AAA designation may be subjective, this test gun did have a very nice piece of wood with good grain and color that made up the straight grip and checkered buttplate. The fore-end matched nicely and was trim and long enough to be useful. The chokes are fixed and listed as modified and full.

Our test patterning with several different loads (including 2.3/4-inch and 3-inch ammo) showed the chokes to actually be light-modified and true modified respectively. The single, fixed trigger broke cleanly at 4 pounds of pull.

In order to get a complete unbiased opinion of this gun, it was offered to shooters at a local shooting resort to use for breaking clay targets or hunting. In exchange for the use of the shotgun, the shooters filled out a survey and comment card.

2fausti2Our test shooters said: “The nice balance makes it easy to control and swing”; “The wood to metal fit showed some proud wood around the action that could use a little more attention”; and “This is a well designed small-bore that an adult can actually use.”

The Fausti USA Dea model is available in 12, 16, 20, 28 and 410 bore with barrel length choices of 26, 28 or 30-inches. The 16 and 28-bore guns feature 2 3/4-inch chambers but the 12, 20 and 410-bores feature 3-inch chambers.

The length of pull on the stock is 14 3/8-inch and the drop measurements are approximately 1 3/8-inch X 2 1/4-inch. All of the Dea’s have automatic ejectors. The test gun’s ejectors were very strong and well timed.1fausti1

Each Dea also comes with 5 choke tubes including: Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Modified, Improved Modified and Full.

A special Dea Duetto is offered as a combination gun that comes with both 28 and 410 bore barrels each with a 28 inch length.

The Fausti USA Dea Models are great upland guns with prices starting at $3499. See Fausti USA for details.

Ever used a Fausti gun? Let us know in the comments what you thought.

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Gun Review: Fausti USA Dea Shotgun